It’s late into the night of October 31st. The constant doorbell introductions to costume-clad kiddies has finally ended. Your own kids have scoured their candy bags for their favorites; their sugar high has, at long last, worn off and the subsequent crash has led them to bed and you finally have some quiet respite. This evening’s beer has been well-earned; and perhaps your gallant efforts made today demand an accompaniment to that fermented goodness. Fear not, I’m here to help:

Snickers – The old stand-by candy bar offers nougat, peanuts, caramel and chocolate; these flavors will be satisfyingly paired well by a rich, American Porter. Roasted malts invoke complimentary chocolate, while mildly acrid bitterness cuts through the sugary candy. If available, try a peanut butter porter like Terrapin Liquid Bliss.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – While folks’ approaches towards eating this classic will vary, all should enjoy the wonderful appurtenance of a clean and creamy Milk Stout. Unfermentable lactose sugar remains residual and provides a creamy body, which accents mild sweetness and balancing roasted malts. Left Hand Milk Stout will perform meritoriously.

Candy Corn – While seemingly equally loved and reviled, this fall classic deserves to be paired with another classic- the Vienna Lager. Smooth and subtle, this style of beer will help to tame the granular sweetness and accent the subtle caramel notes of the candy. A shining and simple recommendation is Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

Sweetarts – A favorite of your humble narrator, this lively and often intense candy will provide an excellent contrast to the dry, earthy rusticity of a mixed-fermentation Saison. The flavors will meld well and create a unique “dining” experience. The acuminous nature of the candy would be well served with an Ommegang Hennepin.

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